my first entry

I should have made this entry many nights ago but I procrastinated long enough for a lazy Monday to come. So here I am, lying on my bed and typing this away with a dictionary beside me which acts as my general adviser. You know how it gets when you don’t write that frequently; words get jumbled up and they come in spurts – like pressing for more shampoo when content in the bottle is running empty.

I think I’ll write better with posts to come and hopefully by then, I don’t have to consult my general adviser for every word that I typed – fingers are already weary with all the furious flipping. Blogging should be done quickly and legibly to keep your friends updated on what-the-hell you’ve been doing these days.

Okay, here is a quick recap on what I did for my previous week. I attended a 3 days course on Shanghainese culture, language and background. A Shanghainese took us for the introductory course and boy, she spoke so fluently and unambiguously that she reminded us of the person on tape whom we listened to during our primary/secondary Chinese Listening Comprehension. She would also sprinkle her sentences with Chinese proverbs and she did it so effortlessly.

Shanghainese language sounded alien to us and we laughed quite a bit when our teacher went through the words, word-for-word, with us. I don’t really know why we laughed periodically. Perhaps we figured out that it was impossible for us to learn it within few weeks prior to departure and were trying to laugh it off.  It sounded like a blend of Chinese-Cantonese-Japanese-Thai-English. Most of us, with the exception of few who seem to possess outstanding linguistic ability, had difficulty enunciating and were teasing each other.

Several peeps and I went down to Ice-Cold Beer @ SMU and then to The Crew Room @ Selegie on Sunday night to catch the highly anticipated games. It was Liverpool against Manchester and Arsenal against Chelsea. I thought the matches were quite boring with only 2 goals in total and ah wei felt the same by dozing off during the second half of Liverpool/Man. United match.

Things to note at Ice-Cold Beer : Any tertiary card entitles you to 30% off. Closes at 12 midnight.

Things to note at Crew Room : Don’t ever order their finger food – served on cheap polystyrene


Ordered jug of Stella at Ice-Cold. Beer wasnt that cold though.

ys was darn happy to be able to get onto the cushion bench.

yl’s poor attempt at acting cool

fresh with pink

10 bucks for hitting the correct score-line. the guy behind was feeling happy for me too.

bumped into jeremy and his friends

6 stitches on his forehead.

ss telling the rest not to mess around with man. united.


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