where do you…

Where do you start when you blog?


Where do you start when you bumped into someone special whom you have not met for a long time?


Comparing the two, the first one seems easier to answer but to me, they are equally challenging. Being aware that some things will potentially lead to trouble once mentioned, those issues will automatically be labeled as taboo and stored in vaults – not in blogs (it rhythms!). Conflicts come in when too much of a red tape prevents you from telling the world the actual story.


I bumped into someone special in town today. It got me paralyzed from my head to my toe (could actually wiggle slightly). There was mixed feelings and I didn’t know which to show. Words got filtered out so quickly that I could only manage “how have you been?” with a weak, unconvincing smile. Though I didn’t get to say much of the stuff in my vaults, I was relieved to know that I played it safe. It was our first ‘meeting’ in many years after all and I truthfully didn’t want to ruin it. I was also relieved to know that everything is going well for that someone.


It has really been a long time…


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