With toothpicks positioned in such a way that they help to keep my eyes wide open as I lie, belly down, on my bed, I am able to stay awake to type this. However, not knowing how long the toothpicks can hold before snapping is hazardous because the broken pieces could potentially scratch my already-not-so-handsome face (I know you may think otherwise on this). Therefore, I need to finish writing this entry as quickly as possible.

You may wonder why the rush in making an entry. Well, Yunlong made a casual remark to me today, saying that I have not been updating my blog and it struck me that I shouldn’t procrastinate too often; else it will form a habit (read it from somewhere that if we repeat an activity for 15-18 days, it will grow to be a habit). My blog has just been created and it mustn’t die this soon, hence I’m forcing myself to make an entry.

I am feeling pretty tired at this moment as I had a long, but fun, day. Moreover, I didn’t have much rest the night before as I was out till late the night before (many thanks to Jeremy for holding the party). I then woke up early for a jog at along East Coast Park with a friend and even though I was struggling on my return route, I found it really enjoyable.

After the jog, I met my peeps at Queens St and we took a direct bus to the Customs at J.B. The queue to the Customs was so long and messy that it took us about an hour and the stuffy conditions didn’t help at all.

After having lunch at Secret Recipe, we took cabs to Jusco @ Tebrau City. I shared the cab with ah hai, ss and his brother and we paid RM 20 for it. The driver seemed to be in a hurry. He switched lanes recklessly and was tailgating most of the time. In a way, you can either say that he was very at ease with the traffic or he just couldn’t care less about our safety. I have seldom been more certain that the taxi was going to ‘kiss’ the back of another car.

We then had seafood at Taman Jurong (if I didn’t get it wrongly) and the food was great. Crayfish was exceptionally tasty and the peeps were fighting over it. After dinner, we did some last minute shopping at City Square before heading back to home sweet home.


had a x’mas gift exchanging session and he was the one who received my present (luckily it was wrapped)


from left: me, ga seng, jeremy and xuexun hanging out @ cafe iguana after the party. ordered jug of peach tequila @ 30 SGD. can you tell who has good blood circulation?


 nei smiling to himself. do you know why?

Sing brothers on da bus.

yongsheng and yunlong and my feet

swee hai was happy that he got back to civilisation

 lunch @ secret recipe at city square

down the escalator at Jusco, Tebrau City


we all know why yong sheng badly wanted to buy sandals.

snow white and ah wei lived happily ever after…



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