tis’ the season to be jolly…

Merry Christmas!


The child in me has led me to believe that Santa Claus would give presents to those who behaved well. Being aware of my conduct, I half expected my Christmas stocking to be empty and sadly, it came out to be true, for the 23rd time (perhaps I should just drop my parents a big hint that a Christmas gift from them would give me a whole new meaning to the season of giving).


Okay, I lied, partially. I did receive some gifts. They were from my brother and Michelle. My brother got me a pair of jeans while Michelle got me a keychain, featuring a mini soccer boot. I also received a nice Christmas card from a friend whom I’ll be staying with, together with a few others, in Shanghai. It was nice of him to practice the good-old habit of writing and sending out cards. I feel that e-cards don’t quite express the message behind, be it with nice fonts, graphics and stunning animations. (Note: its not too late for your name to be featured here. Pls feel free to drop me a present =P ).  

Prior to Christmas, my laptop almost died on me and I spent a few days resurrecting it. It got infected by a myriad of Trojans and spy-wares which slowed my computer down so badly that I could take a rest on my bed for every action that I took. The outlook was gloomy and I really felt that I should just format my computer. However I have yet to back my data up and I wasn’t quite prepared to lose them. Expanding on this, I would have less frustration if my laptop were to crash completely, leaving me no choice but to reformat.



Sometimes, it’s the glimmer of hope that kills, doesn’t it? 

Thank goodness for AVG – http://free.grisoft.com/, which is free of charge and reliable, the Trojans and spy-wares were eventually cleared (I hope) after making numerous scans. 

I have strong reasons to believe that those malicious spy-ware was obtained from w_w_w.j_i_e_l_u_n.o_r_g.  (take away the underscores for the actual address of the site). Pls dont be so kind as to verify that for me.


Happy holidays!



pointed to the shiniest star and said, “that’s me”

stared at the velvet sky and wondered, “who’s that”


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