“If on the 13th attempt you still don’t succeed, consider taking the ferry back to Singapore” – Bu, blogger




Although I am not a fan of sea sports, I followed my brother and his friends to Batam to try my hand at cable skiing. Disillusioned by cable skiers who seemed to glide with ease at the cable ski arena at East Coast Park, I left our island to another with a positive mindset that I would be able to pick up the skill fast – just like learning how to cycle or roller blade. A few falls in the water don’t kill after all, unlike skydiving.

I started off with the kneeling board and I managed to go 1 complete round without much difficulty. Talent, I supposed. Reality struck when I switched to the standing board right after and I fell so frequently and violently into water that my head was soon filled with pond water.  Water entered through my nose, mouth and ear. People around me were nice by telling me how I could do better and I tried to heed their advice but it didn’t help much. Maybe I was too deaf (ears were blocked) to hear them fully.

So, the cycle of [putting-on-the-board – waiting anxiously for my turn to come – getting dragged across the water for 1-5 seconds – falling helplessly – swimming back to shore] repeats itself, like how Jay Chou songs are being looped on my Ipod.

I wasn’t the only one who was struggling. I dragged Jeremy along for the day-trip and he didn’t fare better. Both of us could only stay on the board for at most 3-5 seconds, which rarely happens.

Nevertheless, it was fun to have a learning companion and the outing was enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind giving it another shot and who knows, I might be able to stand on my feet on my next attempt. Gambatte!


cable skiers


 my brother and his gf

event A: putting on wake board

event B: awaiting his turn

event C: getting started

event D: 1-3 seconds later

brother leaping off the ledge

rare picture of me staying above the surface

common sight

brother and i taking a break

saw a cute puppy

sayang-ing the puppy

some snacks to keep our spirits high, or drunk

beginners (turning pro soon)  


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