a jog a day, wears out your shoe (nyeh, it keeps you healthy)

(I’m) Supposed to go Steph’s place for yet another mahjong session but was too exhausted to do so. The thought of getting dressed frightens me, not to mention the thought of walking down the flight of steps and crossing the road to get to the bus stop. I’ll probably fall asleep while waiting for the bus and who knows, I could be mugged while dreaming of ‘man tai zi mou’. Winning $19.20 is definitely insufficient to cover those losses.

Therefore after much consideration, I’ve decided to spend my Saturday night at home with my parents. I will miss my family (and friends) when I leave for Shanghai and I feel that I should seize opportunities to spend more time with them. Also, I didn’t want to immerse myself in situations where I have to hit every tile with caution and anxiety. A peaceful night is an enjoyable one, isn’t it?

Hours ago, I played a match at the field next to Commonwealth MRT and that field was a nightmare for all of us. Puddles of Teh-gao, made it difficult for us to pass the ball around and our oversized opponents didn’t make it easy for us either. Using their sheer physique, they took command of all the high balls and left us with no choice but to chase madly for the second ball. If our opponents could pass the ball around by heading it, it would seem like a basketball match between primary school kids and a group of Yao-Mings. A thrashing would be inevitable, like how fuel price would rocket up in months to come. Speaking of which, have you bought your bicycle? 

Fortunately (for them), match ended 0-0.

I’ll have another soccer match hours later and I hope that the field/weather would be fine. I had a hard time washing my mud-stained soccer kit and I don’t wish to repeat it tomorrow.  I need someone who can control the weather, like Storm in X-men, can you?


It’s nice to jog at Botanical garden but you need to keep your eyes open to avoid stepping onto dog poo and getting yourself entangled in spider webs. Do keep your appetite ‘open’ too as there is a stall in the food-court that sells mouth-watering cheese roti prata. What’s special about it is that not the usual square-shaped cheese is served but the cheese used to make pizzas. Rich and creamy.



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  1. 1

    cute_braces said,

    boring pictures you have young one… important pictures we yearn to see… may the force and L_n_e_t_ be with you…

  2. 2

    Dopple said,

    How come i dont see you donning ur touristy camera when theres a joggathon with the Peeps?


    I see…

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