no free meal


The system sounded when I pressed the button to unlock the car. I got in the car, ignited the engine, wound down the windows and waited for a little while for the engine to warm up. I then glanced, or rather stared despairingly, at the fuel level and wondered where the fuel had disappeared to. It’s like a magical act without the ‘prestige’. 

As I realized that I would be late for an appointment, I quickly stepped on the accelerator and moved out of the parking lot and down the multi story car park. A black Toyota came into sight as I turned to the second floor and I slowed the car down.

“Brother, I’ve got a home theater system in my car boot and I would like to give it to you”, shouted the driver who had his windows down as well. He was with 2 other guys.

Santa Claus read my blog and decided that I’ve been good after all, I thought.

The driver then shouted again, asking me to pull over to look at his stuff. Thinking that I could spare a few minutes to look at what Santa had for me, I did so obediently and walked to his car. He lifted his car boot and showed me several boxes with the name “Linear Acoustics”.

“Brother, have you heard of this brand? I’m sure you recognize it. Best sound quality”, said the driver. Honestly, I have not heard of it and before I could reply him, he began showing me some invoice statement and pamphlets on the theater system. He added:

“Brother. This morning, (We) went to this Ang-moh’s house to deliver the goods to him but no one was at home. A notice on the door stated that the house had been confiscated.”

“Brother. (We) don’t feel like returning the goods to our boss and hope to give them to you. In return, you might want to give some ‘coffee money’ ”. He continued by giving some racist remarks about his boss.

Thinking that it’s quite a good bargain, I told him that I only had 40-50 SGD with me and he replied that they could follow me to an ATM to draw ‘a little more’ for them. I was quite surprised by his reply as I never knew that coffee for 3 would cost more than that amount.

My spider-sense suggested to me that something fishy was going on and I told him that I didn’t want the equipment after all. Like an anorexic person who keeps rejecting food, I pushed his advances down several times before walking away.


I just did a search on the scam and i discovered that it has been around for some time.

The thread was first formed in 2000 and quite a no. of people were conned. Thank goodness that i didnt add to their numbers. Do note that the car plate number was S?? 5754 G or U – Black Toyota and they used to operate in vans (according to the forum above). Apparently, the conmen got rich. 

May the conmen be conned one day.        


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    kelvinC said,

    yo pok. kelvin here. this is bu-in-china blog. but why all the spore stuff?

    ha. hope you re adapting well

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