no news is good news

Let me kick things off by announcing that I am safe and sound. Cheers!

I know that my blog hasn’t been updated for the longest time and I am sorry about it because I understand that many of you are concerned about me, or rather my flat mate. I also know that it’s terrible excuse to say that I didn’t have the time to do it but it’s true and I’ll go into that soon. Sit tight.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a step away from the customs at Changi Airport.

Being someone who has yet to spend more than 2 weeks away from Singapore, I felt uneasy while packing my luggage the night before my departure. Every piece of clothing that I took from my wardrobe somehow prompted me that I’ll miss home and this was probably why I refused to pack my gear earlier. Adding onto the apprehension, I had to pack a year’s stuff in one night and that, seriously, wasn’t as easy as I had expected it to be. I gathered an elephant and had to squeeze it into my backpack. Thank goodness my family helped me out. Thank you.

Tracking back, I met up with several groups of friends and felt blessed to have them around. Saying so, there were a few others whom I wanted to catch up with but timing was rather tight. I played LAN with my ‘clan’ the other day and it was good old fun. The cries of gs, coupled with evil laughter of k

y, was in some way enjoyable to listen to.

Besides that, I had dinner at the hawker at East Coast Park with my jere, xx, wilfred, gs and chin and they got me a shirt and a tie as farewell gifts. Although they didn’t buy from Raoul, I appreciate the gifts just as much. It’s thoughtful of them to pump up my office wear collection. Thank you. Satay, Indian rojak, oyster cake and chicken wings were ordered and the spread was sinfully delicious (saliva drooling down my neck to my long johns).

Just like any other outings with the peeps, I had a fantastic time with them at party world organized by ah hai. He did a marvelous job as many were present and it’s probably his charm that led everyone there. Ys and yl came along although the former didn’t fancy karaoke singing and the latter was injured (hope you’re recovering well and fast). Like a meteor shower that is rarely visible, or rather audible in this case (imagine meteor stones zooming past you like what you saw in Superman), Geraldine sung as a farewell gift to me and I appreciate that as well. While ah wei was trying hard to focus on his songs, I managed to catch up with michelle whose work schedule prevented her from meeting up with the peeps.

Ss organized a farewell dinner at his place which I’m really grateful for. His mum got us plenty of food and prepared the soup base for the steam boats. Both the food and the crowd were truly fantastic. Thank you.

After checking in and receiving my air ticket, I was pleasantly surprised to see many of you at the airport. Words can’t exactly express how thankful I was to have a group of friends sending me off but I managed to control my emotions. The photo-set was awesome too (saw a picture of my side profile featuring my chin). Thank all of you (ss, yawen, zh, steph, yl, nei, ry, hai, ahwei, ys, mich and vish), not forgetting my dear family.

It’s getting late now and I don’t think I’ll be able to touch on what I’ve done in Shanghai. I’ll explain my clause for not updating my blog in my next entry and I’m hoping to do it soon.

Stay tuned and take care.

BTW, china blocked access to blogs and that prevented me from checking/updating my/refugees’ blog. i just got to know of websites that help to change my IP address.

Peeps at the airport

I just installed Torpark which allows users to access internet anonymously using IP of random surfers.

Im now able to surf as per normal! cheers!
The method which i used previously didnt allow me to post pictures on blog because the functions for it were hidden.


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  1. 1

    sss said,

    yo! glad to see tat ure safe and sound now.
    sian.just had a match today and we lost 3-1.
    hm..but no worrries…im sure the guys will bounce back nxt week..

    free also can update us in our blog too yup~
    hope to see u around care!~!


  2. 2

    13 said,


  3. 3

    13 said,

    hey guys, i just changed the default settings so that all comments need not be moderated.

    post your comments now!!!

    with the IP changer that im using, i cant see any of the tag boards, meaning u guys have to chat thru the comment box.

  4. 4

    jer said,

    dude… good that your r well over there… work hard and enjoy urself!

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