winter woes II

The temperature dropped a little more and the dark pools started to solidify, forming mixtures of ice and water which were slippery to walk on.

Soon, heavy snow came and covered everything in white. It was a pretty sight but it came with a hefty price tag. Cars froze in action and drivers started to honk more excessively (drivers here have an infamous habit of honking excessively. It is as though their horns are attached to the accelerators. No-honking signs are in place to remind drivers not to wake the whole neighbourhood up but they don’t seem to give a damn, equivalent of asking school children not to play soccer at void deck with those signs featuring black-stickman, which according to yl, are only directed at dark-skin people)

Owing to the awful traffic conditions, many turned to the trains, transforming the carriages into cans of minced meat. It was rather overwhelming to see that many people waiting to get into the stations and trains and I thought of heading home to avoid being pounded. What reason should I tell my boss? Tripped on a little snowman? Anyway, the sheer number of people queuing at the stations reminded me of the time when peeps and I were trying to cross the JB customs minus the stuffiness. They should really install some fans at JB customs before someone faints/collapses – maybe that would be ah hai because he is cluster phobic.

Well after entering the stations, getting into or out of trains isn’t as frustrating anymore. All you need is a horde of commuters pushing you from the back and you’ll be in/out before you get to turn around and yell at the person behind for pushing. Where’s the card, ref? I got ‘left behind’ once and I found myself rugby-ing my way through. Luckily for winter, my opponents wore good layers of cushion and I managed to get past unscathed. It is hard to imagine when summer comes. Cover your nose.

Happy valentines and happy friendship! (whichever applicable)


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