“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaarakkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkakkkkkkk”, is the sound you hear when someone rolls up the metal shutters at the front of his shop. The shop, which was closed for more than 2 months, is now open for business.

Welcome back!

Akin to the dream of all sportsmen, which is to break their personal best, I have shamelessly realized mine, once again, with this post that is due for some time. Previous record was a timing of few weeks and I improved it immensely to a few months. I’ll probably qualify for a medal if there is such an event in the Olympics.

The status of my blog, or rather the emptiness of it, has always bother me and it bothers me more to know that I am getting too lazy to update it. Well to be exact, it is not the laziness but more of the lack of personal time to pen a post. Yunlong mentioned about taking pride in his posts some time ago and I totally agree with it. Back in Singapore, I could hide in my room and spend all the time that I need to think about what to write. However in Shanghai, there seems to be less time available for me to gather my thoughts and my inability to pen my thoughts effortlessly is certainly not helping me in making progress.

Akin to family and close friends whom I have not met for a long time, my blog has been left behind, but definitely not forgotten. To prove my point, below is what I have typed during my Lunar New Year break. I have decided to post it anyway as I believe there will be some of you out there who are interested to know what I have done (say yes, please).


Winter woes III:

Despite the blistering cold, the distance and the fact that millions would be fighting for seats like a huge musical-chair play, many Chinese moved home to be with their families to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Few days before the start of the LNY, I went to Guang Zhou with my colleague to visit a client company and I stayed there for just one night. Zero exploration was done on that night when I had the time to wander off a little as I decided to catch some random movie on HBO. Besides, the 3-to-4 star hotel was located dubiously far away from any place and I concluded that I would possibly lose my way. No shopping center, night market or even a 7-11 was in sight while en route to the hotel. Also, spending one night out in the open would be miserable, especially when there is a warm and cozy room available. I have always doubt the cleanliness of beds in hotels but it definitely beats sleeping on pavement where fresh phlegm lies every 10 meters apart.

On departure day, we left for Guang Zhou Bai Yun Ji Chang and we reached the airport early at about 10 am but it was already quite crowded. Owing to the bad weather, many flights were disrupted and airports were temporarily out of operation. We were informed that our flight would be delayed infinitely and faced with no other options, we waited with many others at the lounge. As we bought higher class tickets, we were allowed entry to an exclusive lounge where snacks and drinks were readily available. More people were seen gathering at the counters outside the lounge as the day dragged and loud commotions could be heard. At certain points, it did seem that riots would break out but the glass panels that separated us from the edgy horde appeared solid and impassable somehow.

After a rather interesting delay of 13 hours, our plane to Shanghai was finally ready for flight at about 11p.m.


That’s all for this reopening message. Take care folks!


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    sss said,

    dude, was in hongkong during ure birthday and didnt bring my fone along! so couldnt wish u a happy bdae~! so now

    Happy belated bdae yup! tried calling u in sg , but i dunno y i cant get thru to ure fone. sorry abt it~!

    anyway hope u had lotsa fun on ure special day! see u soon ar!

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